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DL enters Mid-east market


Since last year, the highly lethal saudi new coronavirus one after another spread in the international, caused the attention of the world, also encouraged the gulf countries which are in the Middle East to pay more attention in the construction of publikc health, such as clinical microbiological detection ect. And increase investment in the software and hardware equipment.

On July 8th, it is the Muslim Ramadan, DL Biotech signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Saudi. It means that DL Biotech clinical microbiology series products successfully into the gulf countries medical equipment market.
Long-term stable quality, easy operation feature, followed by CLSI latest technical standars and so on are the advantage of DL Biotech products. Through the rigorous argumentation, inspection and comparison eavluation by our Saudi partner. Finally, DL Biotech successed to overcome the international famous brands and facilitate this cooperation.

As we all konw, GDP of gult countries are the forefront of the world. High requirements and the low sensitivity of price of the medical products at all levels medical institutions. For this success of DL Biotech, represents our domestic products are gaining the trust from more and more high quality customers.