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BioMerieux's visit


On 17/9/2014, Richard Ding, who is in charge of Asia Pacific Region in BioMerieux, came to  

DL  for a visit.

BioMerieux is a well-known enterprise in microbiology field and has a hundred years history.  

It is one of the global giants in vitro diagnostic field. Asia Pacific Region is the strategic focus of

development for BioMerieux. Since entering China in the 1980s, BioMerieux is committed to strengthen

the communication and cooperation with China microorganisms.

DL is the national enterprise first to enter in clinical microbiology field. It is a company which is self-reliance,

 independent research and development.  The products of DL  accord with china's national condition, meet

the requirement of all levels hosiptals.

Since last year, DL Biotech started to enter international market. With about half a year development, DL

has made rapid progress, and achieve great success in the world for China clinical microbiology diagnostic

products. One is focusing on China from world , one is starting from China toward the world.

Through the communication and learning from each other, they are committed to play a significant role  in the

IVD field clinical microbiology testing. Also it will certainly propel the status of clinical microbiology testing in

evidence-based medicine.