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Philippine specialist visited DL


On 1~4 December,2014,  Dr.Roslyn from University of the Philippines C Philippine General Hospital,

Mr. Benjamin ,board chairman of a famous pharmaceutical enterprise in Philipine  and his colleagues,

totally seven peoples, came to DL Biotech company.

Within 4-days' training, the philippine customers studied blood culture series, microbial ID/AST system,

GBS system and dynamic microbial detection  system, and knew how to use and maintain the products.

They are satisfied with the performance,maintainability, durability and cost-effective of DL products. 

Meanwhile, they had a straight sense for development history of DL Biotech company and strongly agreed

 with our development planning.
Philippine specialist considered our products good to be used in large population base and developing

countries. Blue sky will always support DL Biotech business keep on developing and growing.