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[Exhibition Information] DL Biotech attended the 40th Arab Health Exhibition


Arab Health is the largest exhibition in the Middle East. It is a comprehensive professional medical device exhibition. Since 1975, it has been successfully held 39 times. The scale, exhibitors and visitors has expanded every year.


Now Arab Health is the second-largest medical exhibiton in the world. It is rank second only to Dusseldorf MEDICA exhibition. This exhibition attracted multi-country doctors, hospital administrators and medical device dealers to come and negotiations trade.

On 26th-29th January 2015, the 40th Arab Health Exihibition held in Dubai, DL company attended the exhibition again with our main products. During the exhibition, our distributors from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India also came to our stands and applauded our products quality, especially the blood culture bottles.

Since DL company opened up the Middle East market, DL blood culture bottles were popular with the foreign customers. Distributors gained the prominent economic benefit through cooperating with DL company. DL represents "Medical reagent Made in China" occupied a place in the high-end market.