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IST card

IST card is composed of biochemical reaction wells and wells of antimicrobial MIC determination tests. First, inject bacterial suspension into biochemical reaction wells, and inject culture media into wells of antimicrobial MIC determination test. Then put the test card in to incubator with inner temperature 35-37. Biochemical reactions in the bacterial metabolism directly produce a color change or make color change by adding chromogenic agent. Antimicrobial MIC determination test wells determine the growth of bacteria according to turbid wells (or precipitation). At last, insert the test card into DL-96. DL-96can identify the bacterium and provide antimicrobial MIC values.

- Test principle: Colorimetry for Identification
                      Turbidimetry for Susceptibility testing
- DL IST card can identify microbes as "Species" and even "Subspecies". Totally near to 500 kinds of routing microbes.
- DL IST card covers nearly 200 types of antibiotics with multi-level concentration.
- Multi-drug resistance mointoring: MRSA, -lac, VRE, VRSA, HLAR, ESBLs and so on.