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DL-GBS Auto Group B Streptococcus Culture and Detection System
DL GBS culture and detection system is designed to incubate and detect Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in DL GBS selective chromogenic medium at 35.5-38.5, after incubation for more than or equal to 18 hours, obtained from vaginal-rectal swab specimens from antepartum pregnant women.
- Touch screen ,8 " large color LCD display. 
- Based on Linux.
Colorimetry principles 
- Vaginal-rectal specimen 
- 48 bottles / 96bottles / 144 bottles / 192 bottles capacity
Continually swinging
- Auto-saving data, Auto-detection, Auto-alarm
- Detection in  every 10 minutes by each  independent detector 
One unit Integrated with computer, monitor and incubator