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Auto Gram/Acid-fast Stainer

No cross-contamination:

In DL-DYE Auto Stainer, each slide is separated.

Specimens contact only fresh reagents.

So no cross-contamination occurs and accuracy is assured.

Great performance:

Soaking method is used in DL-DYE Auto Stainer.

Specimens fully contact reagents and get stained efficiently.

Economical and eco-friendly:

Micro-amount soaking method only consumes little reagents for each slide, which leads to less liquid waste.

Inside-storage keeps reagent from being exposed and deteriorated by light.

Easy to use

Simply operation procedure.

Easy for reagents replacement.

Automated self-washing function.

Reagent calculation function.

Loading principle: Apply large-diameter nozzle to add staining reagent 

Staining principle: Micro-volume soak staining

Staining time:         
                                  Gram staining  8 slides/5 min
                             Acid-fast staining 8 slides/16min 

Centrifuging speed:    350 r/minute

Clean function: Automated