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2014 exellent staffs commendation conference and 2015 New Year Banquet

Date ̄2015-1-30

On 30th January 2015, DL biotech company held on a New Year banquet. Our chairman Mr. Lin huaqing on behalf of the shareholders and the management to extend the blessing to all the employees and their families.

For the passed 2014, Mr. Lin summarized that DL company had the following problems:
1, The thinking of entrepreneur teams hadn't unification.
2, The company organizational system began to expand. The more management departments, the lower management efficiency.
3, The speed Mf market expanding began to decrease, the internal contradictions began to appear.
4, Companies lack of staffs everywhere, but can't not find the proper one. The staffs didn't have passion and drift along.

   Hence DL company will around "PEOPLE" to carry out the works.
1, Revised and strengthened DL core values and competitiveness.
2, Introduced advanced consultancy to push the operation of remuneration, performance and incentive system.
3, Proceeding human resources strategic layout: recommend the exellent people, promote the potential staff, strengthen training and talent cultivation.
4, Except quicken the new building construction in the Jinwan factory. Also start to build the 55000 square meters new factory.
At last, Mr. Lin emphasized, let all our staffs one heart,flaming the passion, self-challenge, create the glory together and make sure to achieve our 2015 objectives!


On the exellent staffs commendation conference, Mr. Lin and other department leaders commended the 2014 exellent staffs.
Next, each departments began to their performance, DL staffs and their families were enjoying the shows.

Tonight, all of DL people opened the hearts, released the passion. Tomorrow, we, with our full enthusiasm, high morale to meet the challenge of the New Year!


In my eyes--Always have a group of people are shining!
In my heart--Always have a sort of gratitude is growing!
In my blood--Always have a sort of genuineness is flowing!
In my world--Always have a sort of spirit is flying!
I know--They are touched sparkles make my passion light!
I know--They are touched waves ripple in my heart!
I Know--They are touched stars full of my sky!
I know--They are touched pride fill with my time! 
My dear fellow--I wanna build the soul bridge in our touching!
My dear fellow--I wanna fly the glorious dream in our touching!
My dear fellow--I wanna embrace the remarkable hope in our touching!
My dear fellow--I wanna join hands with you and sail the ship in our touching!
My dear fellows--Let us joint effort to sail the "DL microorganism"
To the dream of our heart
To the beatific shore
To the happy career-----Sailing! Sailing!